Q. Are all the sites back in or do you have any pull through sites?

A. All of the sites are back in sites.

Q. Is there Wi-Fi in the campground?

A. Yes, we do have WiFi on the campground.

Q. How far is the swimming pool?

A. The pool is a 5-10 minute walk from the resort.

Q. Are the lots covered or is there shade provided by trees?

A. Only a select few sites have shaded areas. If this is something you’d prefer, please place a request for a shaded site when booking your reservation.

Q. Do you allow pets?

A. Yes, we do. The pets must be INSIDE pets and true household pets (maximum of two pets per site). Unfortunately, we do not allow parrots, certain breeds of dogs [including but not limited to Doberman Pinschers, German shepherds, Rottweilers, some bulldog breeds (including Pitbull’s), wolf breeds and chows] are not permitted in the Community due to their size and/or aggressive natures.

Q. Can we bring children or is the resort age restricted?

A. The resort is a 40+ community.

Q. What time is check in and check out?

A. Check in is at 1:00 pm and check out is 11:00 am

Q. How many sites are in your park?

A. We have 151 camping sites.